08 June 2010

In the Kitchen Garden, Part 1: Unfurling

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum), June 2010
Kale (Brassica oleracea), June 2010
I have always loved close-up (macro) photography because it reveals details that we often miss, either because our vision isn't strong enough or because we're just moving too quickly through life to stop and really look at things. The exotic-looking flower above is actually a cilantro plant in bloom; I spent the past few days at a friend's house and found gazillions of these in the kitchen garden, abuzz with bees and butterflies and other creatures. Once cilantro "bolts" and goes to bloom it is essentially useless as a leaf herb; these blossoms, each of which measures maybe 1/8 inch, become the spice known as coriander, doubling this fragrant plant's culinary usefulness. This in-between stage adds an artistic "usefulness" that I'm very pleased to be able to see now that I have a macro filter. Someday I'll have a real macro lens; until then, though, I am more than happy with the view I have now. The second picture is of a kale blossom, again on a bolted and thus "useless" plant. I have many more photos to share from my retreat, which I will call my macro meditations (for want of a better term)...

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