21 February 2015

Las Puertas de Santa Fe

Confession: I love Santa Fe. I don't think I could live there (too many people, too busy, not to mention the whole money thing) but my honey and I have visited four times now and always find lots to enjoy. One of my favorite things about The City Different: it's very walkable, in the older parts of town at least, which is also where the architecture and decor happen to be distinctive and interesting. Last weekend we were lucky enough to have 60+ degree (F) weather, perfect walking weather, and as I was photographing I found myself inspired by the doors...

I noted a Shabby Chic trend in the Canyon Road area, where I'd assume residents could well afford a full coat of paint but, of course, a well-engineered weathering effect creates a softer look.

Many old cottonwood trees line the city streets, making for deep golden splendor in autumn but also, in winter, a similarly (and more authentic) weathered effect. I love the old, sometimes ragged bark and strong wandering branches that, in this case (below), property owners felt were worthy of accommodation. Santa Fe certainly has its luxuries and pretenses but spots like these make it visually appealing and, for someone who doesn't get much time lately for creative pursuits, quite inspirational.