28 August 2007

Rethinking the Clasp

Putting things on leather has challenged my ideas on how to finish a necklace because my usual crimping methods won't work on the leather ends. I've bought a few different kinds of end caps and crimp ends, but I haven't been happy with them, and some have turned out to be entirely unreliable. So, in yet another wire-wrapping experiment, I came up with the above solution... and since it's so interesting and works well with the organic nature of this piece, I decided to put the clasp in front instead of hiding it in back. The best part is that I make the whole end-cap-and-clasp configuration myself -- no purchased ready-made parts -- which makes my pieces just that much more personal.

24 August 2007

Stone, Transformed

I have found The Source. Of the stones I love so much. Here. Dean Crane and Conne Gibson invented the wedge slide shape I've been using so much lately and, amazingly, they live and work here in Magdalena! What are the chances? I have an appointment on Monday to see their studio and their work, and I think I might swoon when I get there. I have no money to spend right now, but it's always nice to look, right?

21 August 2007

Jewels. Fiber. YUM.

I made this necklace in June, a week or so after attending the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta and just about swooning at all the amazing fiber arts. All the fibers in this necklace, as well as the copper beads, came from vendors at the show, and as I sat down to play with them it took but a few minutes for my mind to envision *something* in turquoise, peridot, copper, and fiber. It took about a week to execute, and it was fun all along the way.

When I put this piece out in my showcase, I hardly expected anyone to snap it up -- it's a labor of love, something to catch people's eyes, and fairly pricey although in fact underpriced given the labor and materials. People gaze at it, exclaim over it, and then buy the $12 pair of earrings or $30 bracelet next to it. But today a gentleman called and asked if I'd hold this necklace for him; his wife "just fell in love" with it and can't seem to stop thinking about it, and he wants to pick it up for her when he's back in town next week. So although I'll be a bit sad to part with it, I'm always happy when someone wears a piece into which I put a lot of thought and creativity.

And I have another one going in purples, and one on the drawing board in autumn colors.... They'll be much different, from this piece and from each other, but I'm pleased to be playing in both fiber and stones, my two favorite media.