16 March 2013

Every day is a winding road

This commute is always inspiring. And most days the half hour each way is the only alone time I get all day. Great thinking time, my own soundtrack, no demands except to get myself home safely, and beautiful open skies. And with spring coming it just keeps getting better.

Alamo Road, heading southeast.

15 March 2013


I was finally able to prep some seed flats and get a first round of greens going. These babies are up after just 3 days, probably thanks to the heating mats I got this winter. Salad in a month or so, I hope.

08 March 2013

Nothing else matters

At the end of the day, we can choose to hold on to the drama, the petty ego injuries, the unfinished business, the resentments... Or we can let them all wash away as we immerse ourselves in each new moment. We always have this choice. Once in a while, I am wise enough to remember this.