04 February 2012

Peekaboo (35/366)

Crocus, Magdalena, NM, Feb. 2012
Spring may be some time away, but February always feels better than January, if only because the sun is stronger and the days a bit longer. And now that I have bulbs in the front yard, I get a surprise when the first crocuses push up despite the cold to give us some early color. We've had a few nice days of sunny, 50-degree(F) weather, but today was  windy and chilly, making the flash of color all the more surprising, and heartening.

02 February 2012

Morning Light (33/366)

Descanso, Highway 60, mile marker 122, Socorro County, NM, Feb. 2012
I've lived in Magdalena for almost nine years and don't recall seeing this descanso until this week. The bright, recently placed holiday decorations probably made it stand out, but I also think I've become more attuned to these memorials since I started looking for and at them more closely. This one, which I'll try to learn more about from local residents, is beautiful in its raw simplicity and its setting, shown more fully in the photo below.

01 February 2012

Nap Time (32/366)

Riley and Dad, Magdalena, NM, Jan. 2012
I so need my home days; I got a lot of computer work done but was happy to do so from my lounge chair and, later, right from bed. I'll admit to taking a short snooze this afternoon, too; given yesterday's 10 hours of nonstop work and 4 hours of commuting, I think I earned it. And you know what, even if I hadn't, a nap is always a wonderful thing.