01 February 2012

Nap Time (32/366)

Riley and Dad, Magdalena, NM, Jan. 2012
I so need my home days; I got a lot of computer work done but was happy to do so from my lounge chair and, later, right from bed. I'll admit to taking a short snooze this afternoon, too; given yesterday's 10 hours of nonstop work and 4 hours of commuting, I think I earned it. And you know what, even if I hadn't, a nap is always a wonderful thing.


Nadege, said...

What a great shot, the dog looks so comfy :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Oh, I agree! I love naps and I'm "retired." :)

And thanks for the head's up on the date snafu on my blog -- I fixed it! :)

Connie Smiley said...

What a delightful photo! Can't tell who's enjoying the nap more. And I'm sure you deserved it.