17 June 2010

Creativity Boot Camp, Day 12: "Smooth"

Ladybug tiptoeing through cholla spines, Patterson Canyon, June 2010

Why does this picture make me think "smooth"? Probably it's the ladybug's smooth, hard shell, which of course contrasts with the cholla's pointy flower buds and spines that it crawls over with no trouble whatsoever. I know this photo isn't really in focus, but to me it seems to evoke the ladybug's industrious progress across this perilous territory in pursuit of the aphids tucked between the succulent bud tips.

Here's more "smooth," from my friend's kitchen garden: I've never been able to capture water droplets before, and this is a decent first try. I took this just after watering the flower border; before they open all the way up, the dianthus blooms make especially good water holders.

Water droplets on dianthus, June 2010


Diana Joy said...

Your photos are fabulous....love the water droplet one...so smooth!

The Hollywood Memoirs said...

Oh, wow! These are amazing. The lady bug is so beautiful.

Becky said...

i love both of these photos. especially the colors and textures in the first one. i've never heard of or seen a plant like it.

melissamyth said...

gorgeous :)