25 June 2010

Stormy Weather

Storm coming over Magdalena Mountains near Kelly, NM; June 2010

Doing another Kelly graveyard shoot yesterday, I was busy lying in the dirt working on a low-angle shot of a gravemarker against a blue summer sky when I heard a loud thunderclap just over my shoulder. Lucy (The Best Dog Ever) charged across the disheveled boneyard, panting nervously, and nudged and licked me as if to say, "Oh, please do get up, silly master; it is going to rain, and I do not want you to get wet because I love you!" (If you've seen Up, you know just what her voice would sound like...) Lucy then nudged me away from the ravine I was about to drop into (faster exit, but potentially hazardous if rains had already begun up-mountain) and herded me almost directly to the amazing view above, of the old Kelly church spire in the face of a fast-advancing rainstorm. Oh, GOOD dog.

Just moments earlier, facing the opposite direction (such as it was, given that I was on my belly, thankfully entirely denim-clad this time) and oblivious to the approaching storm, I was looking at blue skies... when I heard the thunder I knew I should have started running for the car right away but -- oooh, pretty picture! I finally heeded nervous dog and deafening thunderclaps and hoofed it through the juniper and pinon back to my car (parked near said church). I made it just in time to get my camera and Lucy in the back and myself in front before getting totally drenched.

Which is why I have a waterproof camera bag and always bring my happy, smart dog with me on photo trips.

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