02 June 2010

Green Goddess

I finally figured out how to finish the ends on Kumihimo cords: end caps that can be glued AND pinched on, for full security. I don't like to make things that fall apart, especially things that I sell. So now I've finished off four necklaces using cords I've made over the past year or so, including the green one pictured above that I wove from 8 strands of cotton embroidery thread and glass seed beads. I made the cord to match the gorgeous glazed ceramic pendant from BeadFreaky and finished it with a simple brass wirewrap, brass petal cord ends, and an antiqued brass flower S-clasp. The necklace at right uses a thinner cord, just 4 strands of hand-dyed silk and gold embroidery thread, looped through a Creekmore-Durham dichroic glass pendant and finished with a brass clasp I made myself. I don't expect to total up much time at the workbench this week thanks to a grueling trip to Las Cruces yesterday and family medical stuff tomorrow ; even photo time has suffered, though I am thinking of taking the kids on a photo trip in the next few days, armed with their own little cameras that their Uncle Charles gave them for Christmas. The family that plays together...

1 comment:

Kim Mailhot said...

Loving the goddess ! And the cording is just divine - such detail with the seed beads.
I hope the waters go smoothly soon to get you back to creative time.
Family photo shoots sound so fun!