26 June 2010

Blessed Rain

After the Storm, Magdalena, NM; June 2010

We've had afternoon storms in the area for the past three days, and already the land is greening up. I love how the water carves patterns in the silt as it flows; clearly this access road on our property north of Magdalena took some serious water. Several of the smaller dirt tanks (that's what we call ponds out here -- no-nonsense nomenclature for sure) are full and will soon be bobbing with tadpoles. Tonight they were Lucy's playground; she charged into each and every body of water she saw, including the one above just after I got this shot. Her favorite game is to get soaking wet, roll in the mud next to the water, then come racing full-tilt toward me... and dodge me at the last minute. These outings, which I love, are about so much more than photos....

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