10 June 2010

A Mountain Meadow in June

Blue grama grass (Bouteloua gracilis), New Mexico's official state grass, June 2010

More pics from my Mountain Macro Meditations earlier this week. Blue grama grass (above) grows in profusion here and develops whimsically curled seedheads that persist all summer and even through the bleak winter. The Apache Plume seedheads (below left) sometimes persist through the winter, too; Indian Paintbrush flowers (below right) are far more ephemeral but make for quite a display during their brief tenure in the meadow.

Blue grama grass appears a rather humble plant at first but is gorgeous in profusion, especially during sunrise or sunset when the seedheads glow brightly. It is also one of my mom's favorite plants, so I'm posting the picture just for her....

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I shall keep you all in my prayers.
Anna (Canada)