18 June 2010

Creativity Boot Camp, Day 13: "Smile"

Smile: Dog + Water = Happy. Mountain spring in Patterson Canyon, June 2010

I have so enjoyed Creativity Boot Camp that I'm thinking of starting my own version; our creative coach of the past two weeks is also starting a weekly "challenge" (in the nice sense, of us challenging ourselves) that I'll definitely get in on. For the final day of Boot Camp, here's another weird-focus shot, taken near the top of Patterson Canyon during my mountain retreat last weekend. I was focusing and zooming on the water reeds at this cool mountain spring, and Lucy charged right in and plopped down happily into the cool water. Despite her not being in focus her doggy smile is quite clear, and this represents nicely how happy she is on any wilderness trek but especially one involving water.

As part of the final day's exercises, we were asked to commit to the following:

I promise to spend __at least 10__ minutes each day creating. {…at least promise yourself some time}

I promise to talk about my creativity with others.

I promise to continue to challenge myself creatively because that is how I get better.

I promise to be kind to my creative spirit.

I promise to applaud my achievements.

I promise to cultivate relationships with people who share my creative interests.

I promise to call myself an artist.

This is a tall order for someone who... well, to be honest, feels safer hiding her creativity because it shields her from criticism. But I can be open and just not react to negative criticism; and that starts with me being kind to myself. And, yes, though it seems both scary and frivolous, I will call myself an artist. Maybe someday it won't feel forced.... I bid you all a creative weekend, and will take some time to come up with some ideas for my own personal creative challenges. If you'd like to join in, just let me know.


Purple Dreams said...

great shot!!! he is really smiling! love it!

The Hollywood Memoirs said...

Congrats on completing Boot Camp! I'm had so much fun over the last few weeks, and I've really enjoyed meeting so many different artists.

Debbie / Prairie Emporium said...

Anna, thanks for stopping by my blog to have a look at the bead soup necklace. I love you photos!!! Your blog looks like a lot of fun.

Anesha said...

Great photo for the theme. You can see the smile!