31 March 2010

Spontaneous Environmental Art

I've become a big fan of what some people call Environmental Art; two blogs on my reading list that I particularly enjoy are Richard Shilling Land Art and Environmental Arts and Faerie Houses. I don't do this kind of art myself (yet) but find it inspiring for both my own "art" (someday I'll feel bold enough to remove the quotes) and just for living life.

My girl child, on the other hand, has never seen these blogs but, being her mother's child and essentially living outside once the weather warms up, has spontaneously begun to create her own version of environmental art. I give you "Eggholder," her title for a nest she made two evenings ago from twigs, cholla skeletons, tree trimmings, part of a tumbleweed, and a smooth round rock she'd been carrying around for a few weeks now. She found all of these in and around our yard and composed this at the edge of our yard so people passing by on Main St. (which, in true Magdalena style, is a dirt road) could enjoy it. I know I love it because my child made it, but I also think it is so cool that she made something special from, essentially, nothing special. To me that is the essence of the creative spirit, and it never ceases to amaze me that anyone can manifest it if they just allow it to happen.


KeLLy aNN said...

Bravo! That is Brilliant.
Kudos to you too, Mom.

Jasmine said...

You have a talented little girl there. Thank you for the links.