26 March 2010

Confession: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clean-Up Resolutions

 Yesterday I made muffins because I was feeling both hungry and creative... and because my kitchen is WAY cleaner than my studio. I should probably be ashamed to show these pictures, taken a few moments ago, because who lives like this?? Well, I do, when I'm as ridiculously busy and stressed as I've been in recent months; I just finished another quarter of my masters program (six down, two to go), which always takes over my life for 10 weeks, and I also was mired in a court battle that is now over, thank God.

So, um, yeah, this corner of the studio/office/dining room got messy as I attended to more pressing matters, and now that I am feeling rested and creative again I have time as well as reason to clean it up. Posting these pictures inspires me -- yeah, that's it -- and also makes me accountable because every "Before" shot needs an "After" shot, right? I also have to clean up this space before my parents arrive next month. The mosaic side (top picture) isn't too bad, but the jewelry side... I guess I'll start there, because it's the messiest and also because I've been feeling the urge to make pretty spring jewelry again. I know I have the stuff I need, somewhere in this mess.... In the meantime I can grab some Kumihimo supplies to take with me to the kids' playdate today; I have some beautiful bird pendants to string. Somewhere, in one of those piles.


Paula S In New Mexico said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comments are appreciated.

Hey, we all go through the studio mess mode on a regular basis. You photos made me smile.

stregata said...

Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comment. You think you have a mess? You should see my space! LOL Of course, I can say it is my creative chaos - but it still is chaos. I need to clean up big time. But it never stays that way long...