16 March 2010

Someday Is Now

So I broke up "Black" after all; it just didn't work for me -- no surprise there given how personal the piece was. This piece is the former upper half; I grouted it Sunday and will finish the edges some time this week, perhaps with a bit more ornamentation than usual. The "left-behind" black heart remains unfinished for now as I finish coursework (the quarter ends this week) and continue dealing with court BS that will, I hope, be ending soon. I am ending it, in fact, because it is destroying my life and my soul and disrupting my children's lives, too, and nothing is worth that. Someday is, indeed, right now, and now is all I have.

1 comment:

Kim Mailhot said...

This is so beautiful so far ! Tha heart and your words fit my life right now too. Being aware that this precious moment is all we know for sure is definitely the key. May your present be BS free !;)