25 January 2010

Black, redux... Still not working for me, so now what?

Thanks to Photoshop, I can play around with this image to see what might work better, so today I thought, what if I just cut out the piece's problematic midsection? Keep in mind that the revised image on the right is "larger".... Hmm. I'm still not liking it; I'm wondering if I should make the black heart smaller overall, and/or create more perspective where I intermingle the black with the "sky" both directionally and in terms of relative size of the pieces.

Another idea that is quickly taking root: split the two pieces entirely -- literally cut it in half (again, good thing I don't glue till I'm happy with the composition). So then I would do one mosaic of the black heart (probably narrower side to side, and perhaps tilted and "scattered" a bit more) and a separate one of the winged heart, also on a narrower background, and hang them sort-of together, just close enough that they're thematically connected, but the separateness would emphasize that that winged heart is gone, truly and for good now, so... Hmm. No wonder the piece isn't working in one confined space.... (No, it is NOT representative. NOT. At all. In any way.)

This one is really challenging me... and I love that.


Dawn said...

I love the concept of this, I have never done a mosaic before but looking at it I was wondering if it might work better if there was more of a gap around the black heart so it is more defined, or possibly some red tiles around it.... I am not being critical, boy i admire what you doing so please don't take offence xxx

Anna said...

Cool ideas, Dawn -- and no offense taken at all; I always appreciate feedback! I did decide to split the piece completely and like the separate pieces much better, but I really like your idea of red tiles around the black heart and will try it out. Thanks for your comments!