15 January 2010

Another (Re-)Pieced Heart, and an Experiment at the Crossroads

Here's another more-or-less finished mosaic, a 5 x 5 inch square that could serve as a keyholder or small jewelry display thanks to the brass rosettes that are, in fact, upholstery tacks. I like the colors here a lot: atypical for a heart and cooler than the usual Valentine. This hastily-composed photo doesn't entirely show it, but the brownish glass is all mirror-coated, which adds nicely to the contrast. As with my other pieces I still need to figure out a consistent way to finish the edges; I guess paint would be okay, but I dream of the day I can put a finished frame around my creations. I will NOT take up yet another hobby, however... I think I need to befriend a woodworker who can also make me more of the self-framed wooden crosses that work so well for mosaics. Maybe I'm ready for a partnership... of sorts....

I'm now beading the grout of my bright red broken-heart piece -- yes, beading the grout, with African trade beads, seed beads, and Super Glue. The whole piece has been an experiment, so why not? The colorful trade beads went quickly but now that I'm beading the outer grout lines with size 15 (that's tiny) seed beads the process is tedious, to say the least, and will become far more tedious if I decide I hate it and have to scrape it all out. I did make new word tiles using polymer clay, alphabet stamps, acrylic paint, and shimmery pigment powder old eyeshadow, and am much happier with them. Tonight I also finished the focal piece using the old locket and lampwork bead shown here along with a fractured mother-of-pearl heart cabochon and broken hand milagro... you'll have to wait to see that treasure in its finished state. This piece is now far more complicated than the earlier progress shot at left shows and might be bordering on insanity at this point; I guess I'll sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow.

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