15 January 2010

"Art" or Insanity? Probably a Bit of Both

I think I like the beaded grout so far... it's a bit busy, but I believe it will cohere the piece once it's all in. I won't have time to work on this today, which is a good thing because it needs to sit for a while longer till I decide for sure. I have the impulse to start cleaning it, but of course that should wait till all the gluing is done. I do love the focal piece (locket with hearts and milagro); it's composed of castoffs, the reclaiming of which paradoxically makes them seem more precious. So, maybe this piece is a bit artistic, and a bit insane, and in any case I'm having fun making it. Well, except for the part where the Superglue sticks to my fingers and rips all the freshly-placed beads right back out of their grout space. Current workaround: use the WD-40-greased tip of my bead-reamer (a long, thin metal tool) to slide the beads back into place. I think as much creativity goes into solving problems like this as goes into composition... which is cool with me.


littlepurpleroom said...

I love the beaded grout. It's like all the little things that can get clogged up in there and lead to a broken heart.
I love this piece and I would have stuck a very high price on it too. HAHAHA

Anna said...

Wow, thanks! I had fun with the beaded grout and want to try it again... and I like your interpretation a lot!