11 January 2010

Finished? Not Sure

I started my Winter Quarter of coursework today and am sad to be losing my after-hours mosaic time. One of my Facebook friends has vowed to be creative every day, and I can commit to that, too, even if I just spend a half hour making or painting some Sculpey tiles for a new mosaic. Today I sort of finished this frame... I wonder if it needs a few small embellishments to complement the pretty glass dragonfly tile on the left, so I'll sit with it and let it tell me whether it's done.

Up next: more frames, maybe, and some little birdhouses: I hit the local thrift store last week and walked out with 10 cool things to mosaic on (some old frames and a simple wooden birdhouse) and with (a few pieces of opalized glass that used to be saucers) -- for all of $1.00 because it was Dime Day. I also have that red heart ready to embellish (rivers of beads in the grout lines) and another heart project in the works for which I probably won't start breaking more glass till next week when I am settled into a routine with coursework again. Oh, and I decided to make a rosary to wrap around that Sacred Heart cross I started last summer and just finished last week, except that I kept feeling like it's not Finished, so now I need to find a brass or gold-tone crucifix and rosary center. It's either a handmade (of course) rosary or some barbed wire... that might be cool.... First, though, duty calls. *Sigh.*

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