21 January 2010


Okay, NOW this piece is done, except for cleaning every last bit of glue and crud off the glass, gluing back in the grout beads that popped out during cleaning, and painting the edges and back. I made a bunch of polymer clay wings the other day and tried a pair out on this piece just to see how they might look, and that's when I realized the piece was really done. (Well, I painted the wings a crystal champagne white, glued them on, then decided the composition was truly done.)

(For now.)

Coursework -- my second-to-last quarter -- has cut way into my mosaic time, but I've still finished a few more pieces and am slowly composing one that I call "Black." It's much larger, both because I'm tired of trying to piece and glue tiny shards and because the idea needs more room to translate into glass.... Why couldn't I pick something easier, like drawing or painting? Easier on the hands, anyway; I'm on my third box of Band-Aid Tough Strips in as many months. Of course, my trip to the Socorro ER for a splinter in my eye on Monday came not from shattering glass (I wear goggles, always) but from something so mundane as splitting and stacking firewood. So I guess by comparison glass mosaics are safer....

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