24 January 2010

Waiting for Spring: Sketches for a New Mosaic Series

I didn't actually handle any glass today; hanging out with the kids and taking care of two short assignments for school took priority, and three gashes in my fingers from last week still need some healing time. But I did stick to my promise to be actively creative every day this year, today sketching out a series of smallish (maybe 4x6 or 5x8) tiles I'd like to make showing early spring flowers of my childhood.

Having grown up in the east I well remember the surprise of snowdrops and crocuses in the earliest, often snowy days of March, followed by the cascading explosion of pink on our huge weeping cherry tree, the delicate white and pink dogwood blossoms, cheery yellow daffodils (always right around my birthday), and heavenly-fragrant hyacinths. I'll probably also do one of tulips, and maybe one of the mayapples and hellebores that grew in our woods... so many beautiful flowers, and I do miss them so.

I'll wait to start on this series till I return from Charlotte (my 2nd and final week-long clinical skills residency for school) on Feb. 11. In the meantime I'll be taking my recently finished projects up to Albuquerque next Monday for my friend Paula's "Peace and Love" show; five hearts are finished, and "Black" may or may not be ready by then depending on whether I can fix the huge composition problems plaguing its midsection.

When I'm working on, planning, or even just thinking about my mosaics, I feel at peace. I guess that's why I haven't wanted to do anything else lately; maybe I should figure out how to extend that peace into other pursuits, especially those I can't very well push aside, like school....

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Dawn said...

love your sketches, I have always remembered a poem I wrote about daffodils when i was 8 and have always loved them xx
I love pansies too with their happy faces