12 April 2011


Lucydog patiently awaits her water-bearer, near crest of Magdalenas (Oct. 2010)
My sweet Lucydog is recovering well from her leg surgeries and, fingers crossed, will soon be able to hike with me again. Dad and the kids and I have taken her out to the property a few times in the past week, and although she's not ready to chase jackrabbits yet she has been going a bit farther and faster each time we go. I'll take her to the vet in the next week or two for a follow-up X-ray, and assuming she's healing up well we can slowly ease back into hiking. I need to recondition almost as much as she does; I hate hiking alone, and the kids only seem to enjoy it in good weather (sensible, aren't they?), so I haven't gone much at all in the past few months.

Kelly Smithsonite hand-wrapped in sterling silver
As a sort of preview of how my first serious hikes will feel, my first yoga class of the year last week kind of kicked my butt. Yes, we have yoga out here in the hinterlands, thanks to a good friend who periodically holds community classes and is doing a "Spring Cleaning" series for April. The last time I was doing yoga regularly (2009) I gained amazing strength and mobility; everything kind of fell apart last year as Mom got sicker, but I can already feel my strength returning as I start moving and getting back out into the world. I'm so, so happy my big happy dog can come with me again. Maybe I can find more pretty rocks like this stunning piece of Smithsonite with calcite crystals that I wirewrapped for a friend a while back. Happy trails... soon!


Jenni said...

Good to hear your hiking companion is improving.
The color on that stone is wonderful as is your wire wrapping.

BeadsByEarthTones said...

so good to hear her mobility is returning! we're still in the "stay at home" phase and abby hates it...poor girl. your wirework is gorgeous as are your photos, as always!