11 April 2011

Mosaic Monday: Columbines

Hey there... time for Mosaic Monday, my first in a few weeks. Yeah, it's been a while. I didn't intend to take a break from blogging, but it kind of came along with stepping (stumbling, staggering...) back from the computer during my break between classes. Of course, I love being able to complete a full degree program online. I'm totally accustomed to and comfortable with computers after 2+ decades of using them for jobs, school, photography, and other pursuits. But after 10 fast-paced weeks of coursework, and especially when the weather warms up, I do not want to be inside, I do not want to be looking at a screen, and God knows I am tired of trying to make myself comfortable in this chair day after day and night after night.

So when I finished my final marital/family counseling courses a few weeks ago, I pushed back from the computer and pretty much stayed away, except to check email and manage the process of getting my July internship approved. Oh, and to sign up for more courses (what is wrong with me??) on addictions counseling and support. The need is huge, and although I shied away from this area when I started my program in 2008, I find the family systems approach to addictions interesting and potentially useful in many cases. And given that so many people are affected by addictions, either their own or that of family or friends, understanding more about it can maybe help me help them a bit better. I guess we'll see -- I start my internship 3 months from today, and in addition to having the logistics all worked out, I also, quite uncharacteristically, already have my wardrobe ready. I hope that doesn't sound shallow, but I've been primarily working over the Internet since 2002 and over the years my clothing has dwindled to jeans, fleece hoodies, and ranch boots.

Now, I didn't go so far as to head to a mall (my head would explode for sure); I kept it simple and used my 35% off email coupon for Sierra Trading Post, from whence came said jeans, hoodies, and ranch boots, and which also has a particularly fetching collection of women's spring clothing this year. Of course, I can't wear the new clothes here; I live in a remote, dusty cowtown where people ask, "So, you dressed up for a job interview or for a date?" when I so much as put on earrings... no, seriously, it's literally too dusty here. So when the time comes I'll dress myself up all fancy, dash off to the car before too much dust clings to me, and zip up to Albuquerque which, around here, is The Big City.

Anyhoo. I'm sort of back; I'll be gardening more and hiking my sorry butt back into shape (Lucy is doing great after two leg surgeries this winter, so we're both finally getting back out on the trail), but since classes started today I'll be around again. I look forward to catching up on what you all have been up to, and I hope it's gettin' on spring 'round your parts!

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Jenni said...

Sounds like a very good new course starting up, good on you, glad you lashed out and bought a few new clothes for it, always a good morale booster.
I love your columbines, can't be TOO dusty if you can grow those beauties! One of my favorites.