13 April 2011

BTW: Studio Time!

Today's bead table: Keeping it simple and focusing on wirework. (I traded textbooks for sterling wire - thanks, Amazon!)

(I really need to scour my bench block.)
It's Bead Table Wednesday, and I'm doing wirework today (along with coursework and gardening, of course). I still haven't taken the initiative to teach myself metalwork, but as the weather warms up I'm spending a bit of time out in my little studio (which I still think of as Mom's studio), where I can do messy projects and leave stuff out rather than cleaning up every time I have to leave something unfinished. When I clean up, I lose things like tools and components and forget what I was trying to do, whereas if it's all spread out on the table, I know exactly what I was doing and where to start up again. It's really more efficient not to clean up.

(That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.)

Gourd experiments in progress (note goggles & dust mask)
Last weekend we had howling winds that made gardening and hiking impossible, but I wanted to be outside so I stepped into the studio to start doing something with my gourds from two summers ago. I got a notion to make little bird baths and hanging planters with a few of them, so out came the Dremel (which was also Mom's) and paints, and when they're done I'll lacquer them and put them around the garden. Today I'm also making earrings for a custom order I have long neglected because I was out of the sterling wire I needed and couldn't get my hands on more at a reasonable price. My order finally came in yesterday, so I get to play with the hammer today!

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