20 April 2011

Public Art

Rodeo Bull by Holly Hughes, Magdalena, NM, April 2011
Just a quick post today; I have an ABQ trip and more appointments on tap today (what happened to my "break"??), then yoga and coursework this evening. I took this photo yesterday at the entrance to the Magdalena Rodeo Grounds; it's a cool piece of public art done in 1994 by an artist I was fortunate enough to meet in 2007, just before I had to close my gallery here in town. I have a few more photos and will post tonight or tomorrow. No Bead Table Wednesday today... no time to do jewelry this past week. So, yeah, what happened to my schedule reprieve? Oh yeah, I told everyone I had a break in my schedule, and... yeah. Friday, though, is MY day -- it's my 45th birthday, and after celebrating the evening before or in the morning with the kids (whose dad has been away for almost 3 weeks and is supposed to pick them up Thursday night or Friday morning), I plan to go rambling, perhaps hiking, definitely somewhere away from the computer and cell phone reception...

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lisa said...

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic shot!