28 April 2011

BTW: Back to Work

My Bead Table Wednesday contribution is a day late this week because I've had two ABQ trips (both fun) and haven't had a whole lot of time at either the bead table or the computer. I did get some pretties at Michaels -- happy birthday AND tax return day to me! -- and started a few sets, shown above, that I hope to finish up soon. Not today, though; it is sunny and not windy outside and I'll be gardening alllllllll day. The winds come back with a vengeance tomorrow, so today is it for me in the garden till next week, probably. As ferocious as our winds have been -- gusts up to 70 mph, and gritty, choking dust that gets into everything -- I know it's nothing compared to the weather seen in other parts of the country this week. So I'll send today's perfect sunshine east... and hope we get one good soaking rain to tamp everything down before the winds blow us right on over into Texas.


stregata said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! May your days be full of laughter, love and inspiration!

Leslie Todd said...

Wow! You have some great color going here. I love the way you're doing the earrings on the left.