25 February 2011

Is February over yet?

The first flower of 2011!
For being the shortest month of the year, February sure can drag itself out. It started with record-breaking, pipe-busting bitter cold weather, brought several cases of creeping crud (I'm finally recovering after a week of being almost bedridden), and also graced me with several strange technology failures, most recently a burned out modem that I didn't even notice for two days because I was so sick. But the sun is also getting much stronger as it ascends toward equinox, which warms us up into our normal February range of 50 to 60(F). I was surprised to see, just two weeks after that sub-zero stretch of weather we had, tiny crocuses blooming from the bulbs I planted last fall. Daffodil leaf tips are emerging now, too, along with new shoots from my perennials. The sun is definitely working its magic.

Yesterday I was, thankfully, feeling well enough to interview for internships for my counseling program, and I think I have a good shot at the perfect gig to start in July! That is a huge relief; I've been plugging away at this masters program (marital/family therapy) for almost two and a half years and as I started researching internships I discovered that they are nonexistent in my area and difficult to secure even in the major cities here (100 to 150 miles away). I did, however, take advice from one of my professors to bombard my preferred sites with phone calls and faxes of my credentials, and finally got a few calls back, including one from a clinical director who was very interested in my previous graduate work in cultural anthropology. I really enjoyed our meeting and think they're doing great work, and I would be totally thrilled to learn and work there.

So today I can breathe a bit about being able to actually finish my degree program; and my Internet is back up thanks to a new modem, I feel well enough to sit up at the computer, and it's sunny and warm outside. Oh, and the Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal starts tomorrow -- I can't wait! I've missed blogging this week and reading your blogs, and look forward to catching up. Have a great weekend!


jacque4u2c said...

My tulips are starting to pop up - I can;t wait for spring!

I LOVE color! said...

Your soup was so yummy. I love what you did with the beads Be Blessed