07 February 2011

The Creative Exchange: Keep the Home Fires Burning

Dad's work boots, Feb. 2011, Magdalena, NM
Over at The Creative Exchange the ongoing theme is "camera in one hand, heart in the other," and this image, simple and quotidian as it may seem, totally embodies that for me. Like much of the U.S. we got more than our share of foul winter weather last week, and here in New Mexico we got a weird (and thankfully rare) double-whammy of snow and bitter cold with Tuesday's near-foot of snow and temperatures below zero(F) all day Wednesday and -25 Wednesday night. Through all of this, my dad kept the wood coming in (I did learn a few years ago to keep a good stash in the garage for wet storms, and he has kept that well stocked) and even kept the bird feeders filled not just for our and the cats' entertainment but because their regular food sources were suddenly buried. I hope we don't have another storm system like that -- ever -- but if we do, I know we'll be okay. Thanks, Dad.


lisa said...

Anna - How I am smiling as I see these boots and read your comment about the bird feeders! We had almost 2 feet of snow and ice last week here in NY, and amidst all the shoveling, all I could think of was making sure there was a path shoveled to get to the bird feeders so that I could fill them!! :-)

This is so perfect for The Creative Exchange, and I thank you so much for sharing it this week.

Have a wonderful day.


angelcel said...

That's what Dad's are all about, isn't it? ....Being Mr Preparedness. :)
I love your explanation and it makes for a charming and touching image.

LisaF said...

I really love this photo. The juxtaposition of the structure of the boot with the drift of the snow against the door is great. I'm sure there's also an analogy between the weathered state of the boot and the weather outside!

Pat said...

Lovely post!

tchesney said...

It looks like those boots are ready to go out and shovel some snow! I love this composition, it speaks volumes!