30 January 2012

Thunderbird (30/366)

1958 Thunderbird detail, Magdalena, NM, Jan. 2012
A warmish sunny day led me outside with the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and a long-awaited photo shoot of this 1958 Thunderbird hardtop resting in an empty lot. It's a classic beauty despite the neglect and decay, and as I circled it and focused in on details I was amazed at how well the chrome has survived the elements. The headlights are intact, even, and the body shows some rust but hardly a single dent, a testament to the steel construction. What a sweet ride this must have been in its day.


Nadege, said...

I love the look of the texture of the cracked, peeling paint.

truu03 said...

If my dad could get his hands on that car he would make it beautiful again. Something of a hobby for him. What a shame to leave it rotting in a field.