10 January 2012

Descanso 2 (10/366)

So many final resting places along the highway.... Descansos are not actual graves but rather memorials set up at or near where a loved one left this earth. This one looks to be several years old, judging by the faded photo under the rosary, but is clearly well tended. I noted the locations of many more on my drive up to Albuquerque today and will be photographing them when possible.

Descanso near mile marker 213, I-25 northbound, Albuquerque, NM, Jan. 2012


KeLLy aNN said...

Roadside Memorials have always been interesting to Me. Can't wait to see more of your photos.

truu03 said...

We have more than a few of these around here, but they weather so quickly in Delaware.

For many, many years there was one particularly well-tended one just off the left-hand side of I95N where it splits off and away from I495 (just South of Wilmington). It was a simple white wooden cross with a name and a date on it. However, the decorations that hung on the cross changed with the seasons and the holidays. They were never allowed to get weathered and ratty looking.

I watched it for years before DelDOT in all their wisdom removed the cross. It was replaced and removed twice more before the placer gave up. I still look for it when I drive past that spot.

DE has tried to stop the practice as a driving distraction. There is an area dedicated to memorials at a rest area in Smyrna. It has gotten national attention. Check it out...