08 January 2012

Self-Reflection (8/366)

Self-portrait 1: Focused. Magdalena, NM, Jan. 2012
Today I joined another photo blogging project, {in the picture} (see the Flickr group here), to focus specifically on portraiture -- actually, self-portraiture, which... well, I much prefer being on the back side of the lens, so let's just call this a stretching exercise. It's a monthly thing, so not too much pressure, and God knows I don't need more than a dozen pictures of myself lying around. Really I see it as a chance to learn creative portraiture strategies, using myself as the subject so I can experiment more freely. And you only have to look at the few pictures that come out okay.... Of course, these might have been a tad clearer had I thought to wash my windows before photographing them.

Self-portrait 2: Distracted
This month's theme is "a piece of me," interpreted however we choose, and since none of the random body-parts images I took seemed remotely appealing I decided to go with these. The first, more obvious interpretation (to me): my camera is definitely a piece of me, all the more so since I started the 366 photo project. Perhaps a less obvious interpretation: our reflections are a major part of who we are: not only what (we think) others see but what we see in the mirror or the window or a photo. It's so subjective, really; some days we "look good," others not so much. I wasted way too many years not liking how I looked, and now I realize that how I "look" is shaped from within, through my internal lens. I can choose what to think and what to see. I'm hardly Julia Roberts, but for all I know she has her share of not-so-good days, too. So, yeah, choose to see beauty, all around you and within you, too.


truu03 said...

Lovely and haunting portraits. In your writing you mention not needing another 12 pictures of yourself lying around. Think of it in a different light. Each time you knuckle down and take that picture (or allow someone else to take it), you are giving your children a slice of yourself. In the decades to come, that moment of discomfort overcome will be the source of stories, curiosity, love, and admiration.

For the rest of the year, when you make that monthly portrait, think of the message to future generations you are leaving about this chapter in your life. Some of my favorite photos of my grandmother are ones she took herself. They always leave me thinking about what was going on in her life and what she was thinking.

Your inner self is so tremendous, be brave and allow some of it to imprint in the picture. Your pictures are a gift, always see them that way.

Deborah L. Tisch said...

These images have such a lovely artistic, kind of impressionist painting look. You did a fabulous job with these.

urban muser said...

i love that you are choosing to see beauty. thanks for linking up today at {in the picture}!

georgia b. said...

these are neat. and, yes... if we all had the money and attention that celebrities get when they do photo shoots... well, we'd all look like julia roberts, too!

came via the link-up party! looking forward to seeing more selfies.

My Captivating Images said...

I agree, my camera is a part of me! :) I am hosting a 365 link up on my blog. I would love to have you join up. Link is open this week until Tues.