06 January 2012

Graveyard's Edge (6/366)

Graveyard Fence, Magdalena, NM, Jan. 2012
Not much to say today except that I'm grateful for a sunny, warmish day, my camera, and the beauty around me. Some stuff got triggered yesterday so I think I need to turn inward and deal with it. "Physician, heal thyself." My prescription for myself: rambling, photography, music, movies, sunshine, solitude. No better place to find solitude than a graveyard, unless you believe in ghosts. Which I don't, not as external manifestations, anyway.

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Aquariart said...

Beautiful photography, I haven't stopped by in awhile so I have cruised your most recent post. Love the poetry too. Words and images that sooth and heal.
Please stop by for my two year blog anniversary giveaway. Happy New Year- new beginnings!