18 January 2012

Sobering (17/366)

Descansos, Socorro, NM, Jan. 2012

These descansos, located in the city of Socorro, NM, mark where five people -- a woman and four children -- were killed by a drunk driver in 1996. The smaller crosses are set in the median of Spring Street/Highway 60, which is where the accident happened; the larger memorial is on the road's left shoulder and was created by the family and local metalworkers. If there was ever a testament to the losses inflicted by drunk driving, this and the too many others along our highways are it.

Roadside memorial, Socorro, NM, Jan 2012
My 366 project will be back on track soon; the photos are here on my MacBook, safe from marauding malware, and I hope to be back up to speed by tomorrow or Friday.

Edit, 1/29/2012: I just had to add this image, a wider crop of the top photo, rendered in Topaz Labs' B&W Effects "Opalotype" filter:


KeLLy aNN said...

I have no tolerance for drunk driving. In this day and age there is NO excuse for it. I just read an article today where some **********
is suing the victim that he killed by drunk driving. It's disgusting.

I love that all these years later, this is still here. People still care.

Nadege, said...

We have a few of this reminders on the side of our roads too. So sad to see.