18 July 2011

The Creative Exchange: In This Moment

Blaze contemplates the setting sun. Magdalena, NM, July 2011
I'm rejoining The Creative Exchange, having lapsed not because I didn't enjoy it but because spring and summer activities have distracted me from regular blogging. But we all need creative time, right? So I hope to get back into the weekly routine and thank you for visiting. It's been a quiet week out here in western New Mexico's high country, where we're anxiously waiting for more rain. I'm especially anxious because despite last week's downpour the Stage 3 restrictions continue in the Magdalena Mountains, which means no hiking. So I feel all the more fortunate that we have property just north of town that, while not mountainous, offers some open, rolling space for stretching our legs and airing out our minds. Having a friend's horses and mule out there makes it even more enjoyable to visit; if I bring carrots or other treats, I have not only canine but also equine walking companions. We're a bit of a motley crew, perhaps, but a happy one.

I see more riding in our future, perhaps this week -- I'm still riding Blaze, Dad rides Damacio (above on the left), the kids ride Goliath (above right), and their friend rides Prescita (below right) and is thinking of buying her but keeping her with her "herd." Our friend the hunting guide rides Ed (below left), who is sweet-natured but a bit feisty and thus not yet a suitable mount for me or Dad till we gain more confidence and skill. Also part of this herd is Drago (not shown here; he was shy yesterday), who is also sweet but a bit undernourished at the moment and needing some riding rehab. The goal is for Maggie to stay on Goliath and for Laz to move up to Damacio, who is currently Dad's mount... well, in good time. For now, we're all getting to know each other, learning or relearning how to ride the range, and waiting for rain.


SummersStudio said...

You may not be in the mountains, but you've got mountains to look at. The horses make me smile. I grew up with horses and they've all got such unique personalities.

lisa said...

Anna, these horses are just beautiful, and how lucky you are to have them nearby. I love your photographs of them, especially Goliath!

Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


stregata said...

Great shots of the horses!

Ms. Becky said...

it is very nice to meet you Anna Lear. you live in my second favorite state and one that I would love to return to again this summer if time and budget permit! I love your horse photos, they have that intense N.M. color that I remember so well. I hope you're getting some rains, I know it's dry there. thanks for visiting my blog, I truly appreciate it, and I hope you have a really fun week.

Pat said...

What beautiful animals they are!

Rosie said...

How beautiful - I love horses and it's so wonderful to see these great photos!