22 July 2011

"This is the land the sunset washes..." *

Sunset after a summer rainstorm, Magdalena, NM, July 2011
With the summer monsoons finally ramping up, we have clouds in the evening that make the sunsets even more wonderful than usual. Last night's sunset (above) was intense and colorful and complex, the pink glow from the setting sun seeming almost like crochet around the edges of the roiling clouds. Tonight's sunset, which I did not capture, was softer, with a far-off rainfall cutting right through the pink glow as the sun sank behind the Bear Mountains. Memo to self: always, always bring my camera, even on what I think will be a routine walk with the dogs. I love watching sunsets; I love sharing them with you even more.

* Quote by Emily Dickinson


Sharon said...

Just awesome

Regina said...

Wow! thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Pretty Things said...

Oh my GOODNESS but that's the most amazing site. I'm so glad you had a camera handy.

Karen said...

Hi Anna,
I've been visiting your blog these last few months and I think that your photographs are just breathtaking. My son lives in Albuquerque and whenever I've come to visit him, the sunsets are among the most amazing I've ever seen (I live in MA). Your photo perfectly captures the essence of what I remember. What a beautiful place you live in. Thanks for sharing.
Karen Park

Janet said...

That is an Unbelieveable picture!!! Goodness gracious! What beauty!