06 July 2011

BTW: Cloudy with a Chance of Spiders

Hobo spider checking out my beads... not really; I offed him -- look at those fangs, wouldn't you off him too??
Time for Bead Table Wednesday; there's a random title for you, eh? It is cloudy here in New Mexico today, which means our monsoons are gearing up and should arrive just in time for Magdalena's Old Timers Reunion this weekend. The "spiders" part of this title comes from the large, leggy creature that stalked right across my body at 1:00 this morning and landed squarely on my beading tray when I whacked it with my slipper. I rarely kill spiders (I am indeed one of those "get a cup! don't hurt it!" people), but this creature looked a bit too much like a Brown Recluse (*shudder*) for me to let it skitter away under my covers. Looking up spiders this morning (*shudder* again) I discovered it's too large to be a Brown Recluse and is more likely a Hobo Spider, also known as the "aggressive house spider." They do bite when "cornered," such as when a sleeping person rolls over on them, and while not fatal the bites can cause tissue necrosis and a wound that won't heal for months. I've seen two in my bedroom in the last few days, and that is SO not okay with me, so... dang it, time to do a deep cleaning.
Ocean charm bracelet in progress; I won't use the turquoise but like the color combination
In the meantime (if you're still reading and haven't run off batting away imaginary spiders), I'm working on a charm bracelet with shells, pearls, shell birds, and glass, and it needs a great ocean-themed focal piece. I thought about using a turquoise chunk but really want something more thematic (but not kitschy), perhaps in ceramic or metal. Any ideas?


Kristi Bowman said...

Icky spider! I have tons of beachy/shell type components in my shop. Not kitschy...I hope! You're bracelet will be cute, with ot without my help. Hope you don't mind a link! http://www.etsy.com/shop/DreamSome?section_id=7874680

TesoriTrovati said...

Whoa! That one ugly spider! I bead in the basement and all sorts of critters stalk me. Sometimes they plop right down on my bead table. But I am not one of those who remove it to another locale in a kind sort of way. They have the great outdoors to habitate in not my bead table, and I hate the thought of reaching into a pile o' beads and coming out with an unwanted guest! You are a brave soul to get that close and personal!
Enjoy the day!

lisa said...

I would have absolutely died Anna!!! But the little guy sure made for a great photograph!

I love the shells you are using here, especially the one near the number 9 on your board. It really is special.

Only idea that comes to mind is maybe a tiny starfish. Not sure if you can find them that small though.

I would love to see this when it is finished!

somethingunique said...

Hi Anna, omg!!! i am ever glad that nasty spider didn't get you the wound looks horrible & your bracelet would look wonderful with a pretty summer dress!
take care ttfn Lana :)