08 July 2011

Wonder Pets: Riley at 14 Weeks

Cock-eared puppy! (Riley's ears are uneven because someone or something tore part of his ear before he came to us.)

Riley and Lucy... she is still boss, no matter how big he gets.
Riley's third vet visit yesterday went well; he got his third set of shots and weighed in at 37 pounds, up from 22 a month ago and 9 pounds two months ago. He is three and a half months old, and he weighs almost as much as a large sack of dog food. Whatever mystery mix of muttness he is, he's gonna be a BIG dog -- his paws are now larger than Lucy's. He is incredibly rambunctious but also sweet-tempered, and he sticks close by when we're out roaming the hills. I must admit I have given up on house-training him for now (we're all too busy to keep an eye on him), so I rigged up the perfect setup for summer: his kennel is in the dining room right against the sliding door, which is left open enough for him to enter and exit the kennel so he can be in the backyard whenever he wants and sleep "indoors" at night. I just can't deal with him in the house peeing and chewing and chasing the cats and stealing the kids' toys, but we get plenty of social and training time with him since we're outdoors so much. This setup gives me another few months to house-train him, before it gets cold....


stregata said...

Wow - he sure has grown. He will definitely be a BIG dog. But he looks as happy as can be, living with you.

Jenni said...

He looks like a 'gentle giant', paws look pretty big!
I wonder if he could have great dane in him? He looks to be a real sweetie.

alison said...

oh anna, he is beautiful! that mug! they both look so happy and content :)