24 May 2010

Hello, Jeremiah. Yes, I'm angry about Deepwater Horizon, too.

Bullfrog, May 2010

This beefy, belligerent, booming bullfrog lives at the duck pond on the New Mexico Tech campus, along with at least one or two others I heard today. I was quite surprised when, despite my best effort to sneak up on him to grab a shot, he noticed me but, rather than diving deep, turned around to face me full on. Thank you, Mr. Bullfrog, for the serenade that led me to you and for this perfect shot. I spent at least an hour at the pond this afternoon, mostly just watching the ducks and geese socialize and the hummingbirds dive for bugs above the pond's surface, and I left feeling far more serene than when I'd arrived.

Later on I might post another image or two from what turned out to be a lovely photo shoot; for now I have to try to regain my footing in school and push forward exploring internship opportunies for next fall. A "trial run" today proved to be a great confidence-builder, and I have another one tomorrow; I'm shadowing a social worker/counselor who does home visits with home health and hospice clients so that I can volunteer with her for the next few months and then perhaps do my first internship there. We'll see; it does, surprisingly, seem to be a good fit.



Oh Anna, your photography is wonderful. You truely are multi talented!

I just wanted to say that I have your wonderful bead medley! Thanks so much! They are lovely! I shall ponder on what to make with them.

Laughing Raven said...

Thank you for your kind words, Wanda! I'm glad you got the beads; I can't wait to see what you make and I know it will be just gorgeous!