22 May 2010

Grey, and Then...

Lamb's Ear (Stachys byzantina), May 2010

On Friday I found myself in a church garden (safely outside; I recently decided I don't want to "do church" anymore) and among the many beautiful flowers was this Lamb's Ear, a lovely soft plant that is also tough enough for our dry climate and terrible soils. These are just coming into bloom, and since they're mostly grey the emerging blooms really stand out. As I composed this shot I couldn't help but think of how even the longest grey winter does finally yield to spring, and that first taste is always the sweetest.

My daily photo meditations this week have saved me; much of this week has been what one sage friend wryly calls a "learning time" with lots of emotional stuff coming up that I'd been fighting down for a while but finally realize I just need to sit with and work through. Life is short -- too often shorter than we realize -- to only be living halfway because I'm using so much of my energy just keeping my head above water and all my feelings "safely" underwater.

So, how exactly to deal with it? So far today I've completely cleaned out and reorganized my closet, dusted the house, washed and hung out three full loads of laundry, watered all plants inside and out, tested the drip irrigation system and marked where I need to make repairs, continued digging the garden beds where I will plant green bean, radish, spinach, and other seeds, run another batch of jewelry over to the local gallery, and painted my toenails for an outing tonight. Yes, I am Going Out, and I will let my hair down and wear a pretty skirt and strappy sandals because it really is spring, after all, and as the world around me comes back into bloom, how can I help but hope? If nothing else I'll have fun, which is very long overdue.

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