20 May 2010

More Life, Still

Bottle Gourds Curing on Fence, May 2010
My garden last year produced more than a dozen huge, gorgeous bottle gourds that are just about done curing. I hung them to dry in the sun on what was the chicken coop (the chickens flew away last year, thank goodness; I have determined that they are noisy, messy, and destructive to gardens and thus not my cuppa tea). Now it's time to clean them so we can do crafts with them. Everyone gets hand-painted gourd birdhouses for Christmas this year....

It's another not-good day, except that it's my boy's birthday and he asked for a chocolate cake "that Mama can eat, too." So after school the kids will help me make a flourless chocolate cake, bless their hearts, and whatever else happens today it will be a good day.

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