17 May 2010

Visual Meditation: Sunset

Just Another Neon Sunset, May 2010
Virgas, May 2010
The landscape out here in New Mexico's high country may be sparse,  but the sunsets are luscious. Some are muted, most are lovely, and a few just go overboard in a moment when everything aligns perfectly and an already beautiful sky goes neon, horizon to horizon.

The other night, on my wildflower expedition, was just such a night. As if the flaming clouds and sky weren't enough, the virgas dancing in front of the higher clouds changed from light to dark to light again as the sun slipped toward the horizon. (Virgas are cloud fragments that don't reach the ground; I never saw these back east and find them endlessly fascinating.) On autofocus the camera didn't know what to do, so I switched to manual (oh how I've missed this capability!!) and, although I didn't totally nail the focus in the second shot, it's good enough to show the frilly virgas that hint of summer rains to come. This second shot could have also used a horizon line at the bottom; I did get one shot that included the horizon but it wasn't focused enough, so this is my best for now. Just to be able to do this much, and to learn from it, is exhilarating.


Anesha said...

Great shot!

Sherree said...

this is indeed drizzle! the clouds drizzling down-stunning

The Hollywood Memoirs said...

Wow, those shots are amazing! I'm so happy I've discovered your blog. I can't to see what you capture next.

Wendy said...

Not just another sunset . . . great shots!