04 May 2012


Just another Magdalena sunset, May 2012
Coming up Highway 60 from Socorro around sunset often means driving into the sunset. Last night, it kept changing, becoming more dramatic as I crested the big hill to the flats along the northeastern flank of the Magdalenas. Clouds seemed to building up a bit in the west, and as I came up the final hill towards town this sunset suddenly took over the whole sky. It was dramatic enough that I didn't just shoot this out the car door but actually got out of the car to consider and set up a few shots.

I need to go hiking soon. Maybe on Sunday; a storm system is moving in on Monday and could bring us some real rain. If it does, this is the time of year when a deep soaking rain wakes up the "ditch frogs," the New Mexico Spadefoot Toads that hibernate underground for up to 9 months waiting for rain. Falling asleep to the soft patter of rain and the frogs' singing is just divine....

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