20 May 2012

Birthing of the new moon: Annular eclipse 2012

Annular eclipse (late phase) at sunset, Socorro County, NM, May 2012
This was SO COOL... I was completely unprepared to photography today's annular eclipse, which was visible right here in New Mexico thanks to both favorable geometry and our clear sky. Feeling adventurous, I couldn't resist stopping on the side of I-25 on our way home from Laz's birthday dinner and movie and pulling out the camera anyway. In the course of about two minutes I stopped the aperture down to f/29, set shutter speed to 1600, stacked polarizing and neutral density filters on the 55-300mm lens, and used the video viewfinder to protect my eyes. The clarity and exposure aren't the greatest, but wow... what an amazing event. I'm so glad we got to witness it, and on my boy's 10th birthday no less.

Annular eclipse, Socorro County, NM, May 2012


Kristi Bowman said...

SO COOL!!!! You must be thrilled to have seen and captured this event!!!!!

Skye said...

Wow. Gorgeous photos!