14 May 2012


Yucca flower stalk. Magdalena, NM, May 2012

We had a tumultuous weekend up here, what with a real tornado yesterday on the western edge of town and some drama on Friday that left the kids a bit heartbroken and me speechless. All weekend I was hurting for the kids and also wondering how to find another job on very short notice because working in Albuquerque after graduation suddenly appeared completely untenable. Now I'm told I misunderstood, and I'm supposed to help undo the damage done by what was essentially a game of brinksmanship devised to teach an 8-year-old and an almost-10-year-old "a lesson." Yes, life sometimes brings us hard lessons, but parents should be the ones protecting their kids from them, or at least gently shepherding them through the unavoidable ones. Mama Bear is mad. I'll get over it, and kids are blessedly resilient and endlessly loving, but it all seemed so unnecessary and hugely distracting from the essential things in life, like enjoying it.

Today's good distraction: a long walk with dogs and horses on the property, seeking out (and easily finding) spring flowers. Up here the yucca are just budding out, unfurling tightly bound stalks into bright pink buds and then blooming creamy white, and drawing in the bees with their soft scent. Good winter snows and last week's soaking rain have primed the land for good spring growth, which enlivens the spirit no matter what else is going on.

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Great photos.