30 December 2011

Do-Over: Two Trees

Two Trees at Sunset, Bosque del Apache NWR, Oct. 2011
It is sunny and WARM (mid-50s) today, so I'll just be a moment before heading outside with the kids and the dogs. Based on feedback I received on the original posting of this photo, I've been wanting to re-process the image to give the trees more "breathing room." I know I tend to crop in too closely, probably fearing that details (like the bird perching atop the dead tree above) will be lost in a larger image, but really the point of landscapes seems to be large ideas rather than small details. I still need to work on that. Meanwhile, here's the revised image, and I do indeed like it much better than my earlier version. I always appreciate feedback, including constructive criticism; nothing like another set of eyes to offer a different perspective.


Nadege, said...

I am having trouble decided which one I prefer, I'm leaning towards the original, with the background coming in with more details.

Anonymous said...

I do prefer this new version, Anna, that breathing room keeps the eye in the frame a bit better. The old one looks a little more detailed at web size, but I expect that's not an issue at full size or in print. Things like the bird generally have to be icing-on-the-cake details in a landscape, and I think the bird works very nicely here.