19 December 2011

The Creative Exchange: Snowfall

Midnight Snow, Magdalena, NM, Dec. 2011
I'm linking up with Lisa and friends at The Creative Exchange, always a showcase for amazing and unique photography. We've had storms blowing through one after another for the past few weeks now, which wouldn't seem unusual for most people this time of year. But I live in New Mexico, and when I tell people in other parts of the country about our snow they exclaim, "But how is that possible??"

I'm no fan of winter weather, but if this recent trend signals the end of our wretched La Nina cycle of the past year and some, I can live with it. For a while.


Linda Trine said...

Pretty capture...love the way the branch bends over from the weight of the snow.

hannah said...

That is such a good shot.
Lovely subject and great lighting.

lisa said...

What a beautiful photograph this is Anna. I have friends who live in New Mexico, so I do know that snow is a possibility! Hope La Nina is "out the door" for oyu at this point.

Thank you so very much for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week.

I wish you a beautiful Holiday.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely shot! Makes me wanna curl up with a warm blanket and pretend I have some snow at my house! Merry Christmas!

Pat said...

Beautiful image!

Torunn said...

Beautiful snow and ice hanging from the tree. Great picture. Wish you a nice Christmas and a happy new year. Torunn Greetings from Norway.