25 June 2011

Fire It Up

Necklace of heat-treated carnelian, pearls, copper, and fiber (in progress)
It's been way past 90 degrees (F) here in Magdalena most of the week and near or over 100 in Albuquerque and other Rio Grande valley areas, and I'm totally okay with that. Heat makes me lazy and sleepy in mid-afternoon, like it does most creatures, but I seem to get a special energy boost late in the evening once it cools down. That makes summer nights a great time for me to get stuff done, including jewelry making. I'll also admit that I decided a few summers ago not to ever, ever complain about the heat here (back east, with the humidity, is a different matter) because I spend most of the winter complaining of being cold, and really I can't spend the entire year bitching about the weather. I hope you're enjoying this summer weekend (or winter, if you're down under)!


steufel said...

Wow - this is beautiful!

Lyndsey said...

Wow! Not only do you have beautiful jewelry you're gift of photography that makes EXCELLENT presentation!I'm always sad when I see good products in terrible photos!