22 June 2011

BTW: Confetti!

Confetti bracelet (in progress) in faceted millefiore glass and antiqued brass
One good thing (and there really is only one, that I can think of anyway) that comes out of a windy, smoky weekend is time spent indoors beading. I made lots of earrings last weekend, finished two necklaces (the faceted gemstone ones I had laid out last week), and started this colorful bracelet that I just love and may have to keep for myself. I found the faceted millefiore glass beads at Michaels about two months ago and snapped up the last two strands, knowing I would find some use for them eventually. For a while I was trying out a bead here and there, just to accent various designs, but they never quite worked and that's when I realized they all wanted to stay together in one fabulously sparkly piece. Now, of course, I want more; if Michaels was less than 100 miles away I'd have run over there several times by now, but I have to wait for a more substantial reason to make the trip to Albuquerque, and hope Michaels still has these in stock.... So, what's on your bead table this week?


My Life Under the Bus said...

I never find anything thia awesome at my Micheals! These are lovely and what a great bracelet! I am totally jealous!

Pretty Things said...

SO much awesome.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Anna, I LOVE the colors in this bracelet! What a great name too... perfect.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I have to say, your photography is exceptional! Not just the jewelry, but the nature photos as well... I would love to have the talent that you have my dear! You inspire me to keep trying!

Have a terrific evening!

Kate said...

Definitely one bracelet covered in awesome sauce. Love it!

stregata said...

Absolutely wonderful beads - that bracelet will definitely be a keeper!

steufel said...

Oh my god, those beads are so awesome. I would keep them for myseld too:-)