08 June 2011

BTW: The Cleanup Crew Finally Came By!

My *clean* bead table! Love that morning light.

Top tray: work in progress (owl pendant by Spirited Earth; tree button
by BeadFreaky). Bottom tray: finished necklaces with flying heart
pendant by Gaea and lotus pendant by SummersStudio.

I can finally show my bead table for Bead Table Wednesday!  ;-)  Last week, feeling the urge to create again, I realized I had to clean up my beading area if I wanted to work without frustration, which is a real creativity-killer. So I spent a windy, smoky afternoon inside watching USA's House marathon and systematically sorting through and organizing my beading trays, holding cups, and storage bins. The result: a clean, well-organized area that in the following days yielded five finished projects and three more well in progress after a month of being stalled out. Yesterday I was able to photograph and list some new pieces, and today I hope to finish a set for the June Art Bead Scene challenge -- I *love* this month's inspiration image! As you can see in the photo above, I love colorful images; with the exception of the top one, a painting from Haiti, all of these came from various Etsy artists whose renditions of birds I find both inspiring and peaceful.

So, what's on your work table today?


BahamaDawn said...

thanks for visiting my blog :)
i love your necklace with the owl pendant. and i also love the trays you use for your different projects! i need something like that to keep me more organized!

Shaiha said...

I sat down on Sunday and did some..well a lot of organizing of my bead room. And out of it, I have designed two necklaces and was able to finish one that was sitting there as I thought that I had ran out of bead caps &n couldn't find that style anymore. Well I found more so it is done.

I do need to get down there though and hang up some artwork. I collect fantasy artwork and I have a bunch to hang down there.