23 January 2011

The Sunday Creative: Extension

Self-Portrait in a Mosaicist's Workshop, Philadelphia, August 2010
I'm a week late with this post; I couldn't decided what to do with last week's Sunday Creative prompt, "Extension," until I was browsing through photos for this week's prompt (which I'll post on shortly) and came across this one, shot last summer during a family visit in Philadelphia. My camera is most definitely an extension of myself, to the point that I "see" in photos even when I'm not using my camera. I feel like the ability to take photographs gives me the ability to see, express, and share a particular vision of the world around me that I would not otherwise be able to communicate. Last summer I was finally able to get myself an entry-level digital SLR that gives me much more creative control than my point-and-shoot camera, particularly over focus and depth of field, and I've been able to rediscover photography and reconnect with my creative vision in a very fulfilling way. So this is me with my favorite tool, one that allows me to extend my creative self into the world.


John S. Mead said...

I like how this shot of you has you from different angles.... your many "facets" I suppose! Thanks for sharing!

Anna Lear said...

Thanks, John!